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Vendor & Supplier Financing Programs

Don’t Let Sales Slip Away Because Of Financing Needs

McKinley Equipment Finance takes a consultative approach to developing finance programs for vendors, suppliers, and brokers.

Selling large items of equipment for cash can be difficult. Businesses typically prefer to retain liquidity and pay for equipment purchases over time. Selling equipment is made more affordable when broken down to a monthly cost.

Learn why so many vendors and suppliers of equipment trust us to offer fair and honest financing to their customers.

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Client Financing Facts

80% of businesses lease some or all of their equipment.

Lease payments are tax-deductible business expenses.

Most businesses need equipment in order to operate.

Benefits of Partnering with McKinley Equipment Finance for Vendor Financing Options

Close Sales Faster, Easier

Leasing is a financial solution customers want. Our lease products are fast, flexible and enable you to get your customers the equipment they need when they need it. Removing financial hurdles and accelerating the sales process. You will receive payment directly upon Delivery & Acceptance.

Retain More Clients

Leasing is the perfect answer to customers who say they lack budget approvals or are losing budget. You can respond with flexible financial tools that lock in your customer and lock out the competition.

Dedicated Support & Solutions

Minimize the administrative hassle of finding financing options. Once you’ve identified a prospective client, McKinley Equipment Finance will help you process the financing quickly and easily. We will help you select and structure the payment plan that best fits your client’s budget and needs.

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Financing Program

Let’s set up a quick call to discuss the financing needs of your organization. Our solutions are custom to your sales process and your product. The ultimate goal is to develop a financing product that accelerates your sales process and minimizes lost sales opportunities.

Vendor Programs for leasing and finance

“McKinley is very supportive of our business and helped us grow significantly. They understand our market, understand our products, and understand the growth model behind it.”

How Your Clients Will Benefit From Our Vendor Financing Programs

Conserve Cash

Since their money isn’t tied up in equipment costs, your clients are free to spend it in other areas of the business such as supplies, personnel and training.


Our financing packages are built to offer terms and rates that meet your client’s financial goals. The fast, application-only process ensures financing closes quickly.

Fixed Payments

By locking in payments now, your clients can avoid inflation risk in the future. Fixed monthly payments also help your client’s better budget throughout the term of the agreement.

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